Our Mission

To create intimate and happy experiences that reinvent how people eat

What is Kultros?

Kultros is a marketplace for people to find professional, creative, and attentive chefs for a dinner party or a fresh home-cooked meal. We think connecting people lets them create awesome experiences, and what’s a more wonderful way of connecting people than food.

Our Story

Kultros started as a trio of college students that wanted great food, but weren’t exactly the greatest of chefs themselves. This led us to work on Kultros, with the belief that great food needs to be prepared with great care, thought, and planning, and that great chefs can make all of that happen so you can just relax and clear some time off your schedule.

Who We Are and Our Vision

We’re a team of people that love to build things, and we want to build them in a way that is meaningful to those we build them for. That’s why we view Kultros as a partnership between people who eat, the chefs, and us, the team. We build and take in constant feedback to ensure that you, our partners, can interact as seamlessly as possible through the platform without worrying about anything but the food.